Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Modification of panels in footwells

I decided to modify the panels that fit to the centre tunnel in both footwells. Doing so gives an extra inch of foot room, vital in an already cramped footwell.

Fitting of Clutch & Brake Pedals

The long tube that goes through both pedals and the mounting point on the chassis was extremely tight in the bushes. I got a chap in the same complex of units as me to take a few thou off using his lathe. Tube now fits perfect and pedals operate independantly.

Steering Universal Joint Cutout

Cutout to allow universal joint of steering column to operate freely

Centralising & Fitting of Differential

Use some suitable steel tube to act as spacers between mounting points and the diff.

Note the spacers used to centralise the diff

Note the diff flange centralised with washes.

Rear Suspension

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Fitting the rear suspension & driveshafts

Finally got round to some serious building. I have been working loads of hours over the last 6-7 months so not had much time on the kit.

Having a little problem fitting the driveshafts (the right one is way to long). Think it may be because I have the normal diff and not the LSD one, which I suspet use shorter driveshafts.

Driveshaft problem now sorted. Turned out the bit that bolts to the Robin Hood hub carrier was not shoved far enough on to the spline. A large hammer and socket did the job of shoving it on further.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Enamel top coats now going on. Takes ages to dry in this climate though. The green looks better in reality than in the pics.